Volume 136

February 2021

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 110631
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  1. Original Research paper

    1. Climate effects of forestry and substitution of concrete buildings and fossil energy

      Article 110435
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    2. Insight into a new phenolic-leaching pretreatment on bamboo pyrolysis: Release characteristics of pyrolytic volatiles, upgradation of three phase products, migration of elements, and energy yield

      Article 110444
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    3. Evolution of price policy for offshore wind energy in China: Trilemma of capacity, price and subsidy

      Article 110366
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    4. Heart of light: an assessment of enhanced electricity access in Africa

      Article 110399
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    5. A generalized dynamical model for wind speed forecasting

      Article 110421
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    6. Assessing the accuracy of predictive thermal bridge heat flow methodologies

      Article 110437
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    7. Review and analysis of investment decision making algorithms in long-term agent-based electric power system simulation models

      Article 110405
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    8. Application of intermittent ball milling to enzymatic hydrolysis for efficient conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into glucose

      Article 110442
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    9. Impact of market design on cost-effectiveness of renewable portfolio standards

      Article 110397
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    10. Converting maize production with low emergy cost and high economic return for sustainable development

      Article 110443
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    11. Feasibility of pumped storage hydropower with existing pricing policy in Turkey

      Article 110449
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    12. Can electricity demand lead to air pollution? A spatio-temporal analysis of electricity demand with climatic conditions

      Article 110413
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    13. Dynamic pricing for integrated energy-traffic systems from a cyber-physical-human perspective

      Article 110419
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    14. Toward sustainable microgrids with blockchain technology-based peer-to-peer energy trading mechanism: A fuzzy meta-heuristic approach

      Article 110452
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    15. Machine learning approach to understand regional disparity of residential solar adoption in Australia

      Article 110458
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    16. Improving the accuracy of electricity carbon footprint: Estimation of hydroelectric reservoir greenhouse gas emissions

      Article 110433
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    17. Development of energy balance table for rural and urban households and evaluation of energy consumption in Indian states

      Article 110392
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  2. Review

    1. Development perspectives of promising lignocellulose feedstocks for production of advanced generation biofuels: A review

      Article 110445
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    2. Reliability, availability, maintainability data review for the identification of trends in offshore wind energy applications

      Article 110414
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    3. Model predictive control of microgrids – An overview

      Article 110422
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    4. Strategic Environmental Assessment and the precautionary principle in the spatial planning of wind farms – European experience in Serbia

      Article 110459
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    5. Minimizing mass transfer losses in microbial fuel cells: Theories, progresses and prospectives

      Article 110460
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    6. Rotating vortex rope formation and mitigation in draft tube of hydro turbines – A review from experimental perspective

      Article 110354
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  3. Special issue on LCSES China 2019

    1. LEAP-WEAP analysis of urban energy-water dynamic nexus in Beijing (China)

      Article 110369
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    2. The environmental co-benefit and economic impact of China's low-carbon pathways: Evidence from linking bottom-up and top-down models

      Article 110438
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  4. Special issue on HERAKLION2019

    1. Gasification of municipal solid waste blends with biomass for energy production and resources recovery: Current status, hybrid technologies and innovative prospects

      Article 110375
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    2. Thermochemical processing of woody biomass: A review focused on energy-driven applications and catalytic upgrading

      Article 110376
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  5. Special issue on Clean fuel conversion

    1. Experimental investigations of single particle and particle group combustion in a laminar flow reactor using simultaneous volumetric OH-LIF imaging and diffuse backlight-illumination

      Article 110377
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ISSN: 1364-0321