Volume 70

February 2021

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 101804
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  2. A family of permutation trinomials over Fq2

    Article 101781
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  3. Jacobsthal sums and permutations of biquadratic residues

    Article 101789
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  4. Classification of 9-dimensional trilinear alternating forms over GF(2)

    Article 101788
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  5. Solving Xq+1?+?X?+?a?=?0 over finite fields

    Article 101797
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  6. New generalized almost perfect nonlinear functions

    Article 101796
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  7. Hamming distances of constacyclic codes of length 3ps and optimal codes with respect to the Griesmer and Singleton bounds

    Article 101794
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  8. Even points on an algebraic curve

    Article 101792
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  9. Covers of generalized quadrangles, 2. Kantor-Knuth covers and embedded ovoids

    Article 101780
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  10. Two classes of permutation trinomials with Niho exponents

    Article 101790
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  11. Algebraic geometry codes over abelian surfaces containing no absolutely irreducible curves of low genus

    Article 101791
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ISSN: 1071-5797