Volume 51

Pages 1-542 (March 2021)

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    1. Editorial Board

      Page ii
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  1. Regular Articles

    1. Aliasing error of the exp?(β1?z2) kernel in the nonuniform fast Fourier transform

      Pages 1-16
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    2. Fractional Hardy-Sobolev L1-embedding per capacity-duality

      Pages 17-55
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    3. Ψec: A local spectral exterior calculus

      Pages 56-103
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    4. Finding duality for Riesz bases of exponentials on multi-tiles

      Pages 104-117
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    5. Stable super-resolution limit and smallest singular value of restricted Fourier matrices

      Pages 118-156
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    6. Defining the wavelet bispectrum

      Pages 171-224
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    7. High-dimensional sparse FFT based on sampling along multiple rank-1 lattices

      Pages 225-257
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    8. Dynamical sampling for shift-preserving operators

      Pages 258-274
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    9. A simple shearlet-based 2D Radon inversion with an application to computed tomography

      Pages 275-294
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    10. Compactly supported quasi-tight multiframelets with high balancing orders and compact framelet transforms

      Pages 295-332
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    11. Multidimensional scaling of noisy high dimensional data

      Pages 333-373
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    12. When does OMP achieve exact recovery with continuous dictionaries?

      Pages 374-413
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    13. Adapting free-space fast multipole method for layered media Green's function: Algorithm and analysis

      Pages 414-436
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    14. Causal FIR symmetric paraunitary matrix extension and construction of symmetric tight M-dilated framelets

      Pages 437-460
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    15. Tempered fractional Brownian motion: Wavelet estimation, modeling and testing

      Pages 461-509
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    16. Strictly proper kernel scores and characteristic kernels on compact spaces

      Pages 510-542
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  2. Letter to the Editor

    1. On the Schatten p-quasi-norm minimization for low-rank matrix recovery

      Pages 157-170
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ISSN: 1063-5203